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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of the waste you generate from the job?
We separate all our waste. It is then removed from the site and segregated. We do not fly tip any of our waste as we believe the environment is important.

Will the work be noisy and how will you help keep the noise down?
Every precaution is taken to help keep noise levels down. We also work within the law and don’t operate any loud machinery until 8am.

Will the work disrupt my neighbours?
We work with your neighbours, making sure that we don’t block any access for them. We also make sure out materials are delivered on a daily basis in order to keep our work space to a minimum. We’re considerate to everyone around us and to make sure we follow this procedure, we have a director over seeing all works carried out.

What are your working hours?
We work Mon – Fri 7:30 – 5. We do not work weekends, however, should you require weekend only work, we can make exceptions but please contact us for more information.

What aspects of Health and Safety do you follow?
We tidy up every day and especially once the job is complete. We make sure the client neighbours and if needs be, highways agency, are happy with the work before we leave. We never leave our tools on sight as this creates a security risk.

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